What Foley Guitar Owners Say

Devon Allman

My Foley acoustic is the MOST balanced feeling acoustic guitar I’ve ever put in my hands. It instantly feels like a vintage Martin and the attention to detail is apparent instantly. The woods are heart-breakingly beautiful and the tone is angelic. Crisp, clear, warm and articulate. Thank you Foley guitars !

Bill Monroe

“Ed Foley makes a wonderful guitar. They are perfect for Bluegrass. Anything I can do to help him I will be glad to do.”

Billy Joe Walker Jr.

“Consistently superior balance and warmth. I don’t know what Ed’s secret is, but he better not let it out.”

Billy Joe Walker Jr. - Artist Producer, legendary guitarist. Has played on hundreds of Gold and Platinum recordings, in rock and country.

Steve Bess

“Ed’s guitars have been highly recommended to me by many of Nashville’s finest musicians.”

Artist Manager Columbia Nashville

Jake Cauley

“I have played only Foley guitars for many years. There is no other guitar that can compare to the quality and tone of a Foley. You can’t imagine the playability and sound of a Foley until you play one. No wonder Ed’s website says “PICK THE BEST”.

(In my opinion the best Traditional Country Baritone singer on the planet - Ed Foley)