What Foley Guitar Owners Say

Devon Allman

My Foley acoustic is the MOST balanced feeling acoustic guitar I’ve ever put in my hands. It instantly feels like a vintage Martin and the attention to detail is apparent instantly. The woods are heart-breakingly beautiful and the tone is angelic. Crisp, clear, warm and articulate. Thank you Foley guitars !

Jake Cauley

“I have played only Foley guitars for many years. There is no other guitar that can compare to the quality and tone of a Foley. You can’t imagine the playability and sound of a Foley until you play one. No wonder Ed’s website says “PICK THE BEST”.

(In my opinion the best Traditional Country Baritone singer on the planet - Ed Foley)

Steve Bess

“Ed’s guitars have been highly recommended to me by many of Nashville’s finest musicians.”

Artist Manager Columbia Nashville

Bill Monroe

“Ed Foley makes a wonderful guitar. They are perfect for Bluegrass. Anything I can do to help him I will be glad to do.”

Billy Joe Walker Jr.

“Consistently superior balance and warmth. I don’t know what Ed’s secret is, but he better not let it out.”

Billy Joe Walker Jr. - Artist Producer, legendary guitarist. Has played on hundreds of Gold and Platinum recordings, in rock and country.